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Are you ready to easily improve your language skills with current podcasts and other audio material? Our unique combination of text and audio lets you learn languages more quickly and helps you to a long-term learning success.

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Step-by-step instruction

1. Listening and reading

By clicking on „play" the recording plays speech unit by speech unit and highlights the corresponding text.

What did you understand? What is still unclear?

You may click at any position in the text and play from there.

2. Step-by-step listening

You must cross the box „stop after speech unit". Then, you click to the text you wish to listen to. The corresponding speech unit is played and stops afterwards.

Did you understand all the words of the speech unit? Repeat playing until you fully understand it.

You may switch to the next and previous speech unit and this way move through the whole recording.

3. Search for words

You may search for unknown words using the search field on the top right. The search results with both their left and right context appear in a list. You may listen to each search result. This way, you will learn the meanings of a word in various contexts.

This function is available only if you register.

4. Listening alone

Listen to the whole recording once again. How much did you understand now?

About us

Readylingua combines text and audio in natural speech units from speech pause to speech pause. This makes step-by-step listening and simultaneous reading possible. An unknown speech unit may be absorbed into your mind both orally and in writing by repeating it multiple times.

The continuously growing archive of podcasts, news broadcasts, audio literature and non-fiction makes sure that you will always find something interesting to listen to. All our contributions come from high-quality sources.

Ulrike Glavitsch, dipl. Ing. ETH, MSc., has been the developer of the software SpeechIndexer since 2003. Originally realized for the documentation of endangered aboriginal languages of Taiwan, SpeechIndexer is used to combine audio and text for the recordings of readylingua – from speech pause to speech pause.

Josef Eggler, lawyer, is responsible for communication, marketing and administration. Together with Ulrike Glavitsch he forms the company Glavitsch Eggler Software.

Ulrike Glavitsch Eggler
Josef Eggler


The rercordings have been made available by the following sources:

  • Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF Ö1): English, French
  • Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS): French
  • Radio SRF: German

Content partners

We are looking for content partners such as radio stations and publishers who let us use their audio materials and texts if available.
Interesting contents contribute to learning success with Please contact us at if you wish to license your audio recordings to us.

Schools and companies

We offer special prices to schools and companies. Readylingua provides a genuine added value for language learning to your students or employees. Our unique study method with simultaneous reading and listening lets you train your reading and listening comprehension skills at the same time. We provide exciting contributions in our continuously growing audio archive that consists of news broadcasts, audio literature and contemporary as well as non-fiction contributions. This way, language learning is a pleasure.