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Do you want to learn German fast and effectively with high quality news and audio books ? Are you interested to brush up on French with the audio book “Les Misérables” by Victor Hugo ? How about learning Italian with the famous “Pinocchio” by Carlo Collodi ? Our unique readylingua method is the best way to learn German and other languages for professionals.

Register today and profit from our new language learning method. In the following, we demonstrate how to learn German with news broadcasts from Radio SRF's "Echo der Zeit".


German exercises with the readylingua method

1. German listening and reading

Please select the most current German news block and play it by pressing the “Play/Pause” button. The recording is continuously played and the currently played text is highlighted. The highlighting spans a unit from speech pause to speech pause.

What did you understand? What is still unclear? You may click at any position in the text and play from there.

Careful German listening and reading is a first valuable exercise.

2. Stepwise listening

Next, you play the recording step-wisely by crossing the box “stop after speech unit”. Then, you click to the text you wish to listen. The corresponding speech unit is played solely. You may navigate forward and backward by using the arrow buttons “next speech unit” or “previous speech unit”.

Did you acoustically understand all the words of the speech unit? Repeat playing until you fully understand it. You may also speak after each speech unit. This way, you will also improve your German pronunciation.

You may step through the whole recording and train your listening comprehension perfectly with this German online exercise.

3. Learn German vocabulary

Please enter unknown words to the search field on the top right and press “Enter”. The search results appear in a list. The unknown word is shown in various contexts. Listen to the search results individually. The meaning of the word becomes clear from the context.

This way you will not only learn German vocabulary but also German sayings that contain multiple words.

This function is available only if you register.

4. Listen again

Listen to the whole recording again after you have looked up and learned all new German vocabulary. How much did you understand now ?

Your German language skills will improve rapidly if you do the German exercises 1 – 4 regularly.

Final remark

You may do the same exercises for all the languages available on Learning French or improving English, Italian and Spanish with becomes a joyful task !


I learn French with the readylingua method for more than 3 years. Each lesson starts with listening to an audio recording that I may read at the same time. Then, it is played step-wisely where I speak after and translate each speech unit. Finally, the recording is played as whole again. This way, I have learned to understand and speak French very well.

Damian Moser, 16 years old, Baden (Switzerland)

About us

Readylingua has been realized by the entrepreneurs Ulrike Glavitsch and Josef Eggler from Glavitsch Eggler Software. Readylingua offers languages in Swiss top quality through podcasts and audio books from various sources and areas. The readylingua method for online language learning has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. József Szakos from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. Together with the software SpeechIndexer the readylingua method has been presented at international conferences since 2004.

Ulrike Glavitsch, dipl. Ing. ETH, MSc., is co-author of the software SpeechIndexer. Originally developed for the documentation of endangered aboriginal languages of Taiwan, SpeechIndexer is used to combine audio and text for the recordings of readylingua – from speech pause to speech pause. Ulrike Glavitsch is the CTO of Glavitsch Eggler Software.

Josef Eggler, lawyer, is responsible for communication, marketing, legal affairs and administration. Together with Ulrike Glavitsch he builds up the company Glavitsch Eggler Software and is its CEO.

Ulrike Glavitsch
Josef Eggler


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We are looking for content partners such as radio stations and publishers who let us use their audio materials and texts if available.
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Schools and companies

We offer special prices to schools and companies. Readylingua provides a genuine added value for language learning to your students or employees. Our unique study method with simultaneous reading and listening lets you train your reading and listening comprehension skills at the same time. We provide exciting contributions in our continuously growing audio archive that consists of news broadcasts, audio literature and contemporary as well as non-fiction contributions. This way, language learning is a pleasure.